Why is nutrition important to health (and crucial for hormone balancing)


Food is a fuel, true, that’s making your body work properly.

But that is just a beginning of why is nutrition important to health.

The way we nourish ourselves reflects the way we experience reality:
how we perceive ourself and our place in time.

When you start eating healthier, your appetite changes, not only for food but also towards life in general. The entire perception of desire, yearning, wish and pleasure changes as well.

Let me explain.

Simply, you need food in order to survive, but it is also a form of satisfaction, stimulation of all senses, a mechanism for enjoyment, right? Food is much more than fuel, it is pleasure.

Discover the richness of real, healthy food.
And your senses, your mind, and your soul will be grateful.

Also, it is the matter of organization and discipline. The more disciplined your eating habits become, the more you’ll master your time generally, other activities and everyday challenges.

And guess what comes when you: fuel your body properly + enjoy life + seize every single day?

That’s right: health. Because health is made of smart choices, enjoyment, and constant improvement.

What a sweet, powerful formula, don’t you think? 🙂

Healthy eating and hormones


I’ve made a lot of mistakes during my health transformation, but starting from nutrition wasn’t the one. I still proudly smile from time to time for making that decision.

Whatever may be on your task list: lose weight or cure acne or ease period problems… always begin with what you’re eating.


Changing your diet: how to begin?


Chances are that you’ve already heard this from a doctor or any other health expert:

if you want to be healthier, avoid sugar and fat.
Sugar and fat. Those two are the pillars of nutrition, indeed!

But bear in mind: not any sugar – avoiding refined, white sugar and not any fat – avoiding saturated or trans fat.

My warmest recommendation:

keep those two (refined sugar and saturated fat) as low as you can AND then…
Include more vitamins, minerals, fibers and water and voila!

You’ll have a wonderful, balanced nutrition.

Sounds too simple?

Because it is!

Nutrition low in white sugar and trans fats, but rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and water is helping your body deal with everyday challenges, instead of weakening it and blocking the natural flows.

A good example of a well-balanced nutritional plan is the Mediterranean diet.

Have you tried it yet?


Healthy fats and proteins do magic for female health


Like some sort of magicians, these three do wonders for women’s hormonal balance, and that also includes skin, hair, nails quality and weight management too (in short: yes, you’ll also look better and we all know how important that is too):

  • nuts
  • olive oil
  • avocado.


When I included just a handful of nuts per day (so little, yes!) and increased the consumption of olive oil (also just a bit every day)
my period-tortured body was so grateful!

If you’re struggling with hormones every month, please try out this approach, give it time and enjoy the results!


why is nutrition important to health

You see, it’s practically impossible to achieve hormonal balance without maintaining a healthy diet. Everything we feed our body with effects glands, therefore the levels of hormones are affected too.

So, you may ask, is it possible to balance hormones with food only? No, because only eating healthy is not enough.

But it’s a perfect point to begin! It is the foundation for your well-being. As we all know it, when the foundation is solid, adding new levels becomes easy.


Wisdom of quantity


Adding more healthy food is good, we got it. Still, it’s important to remember: too much of anything is not good.

That is why the accent is on balance all the time – less of this and more of that.

If we would eat only fruit every day, our body would yearn for healthy fats. If we would eat only nuts, it would need natural sugar. Too much of anything – our body suffers.

So, a little bit of everything with the accent on good, real, vitamin-rich food is the key.

Imagine that everything we eat or drink should give something valuable to our body, something useful that our body can use in order to function properly or exceptionally.


Do I have to give up all the food I love to eat?


Oh, the burning question.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean that you should never ever have the things you love to eat again!

One should never forget that this is the only life we have. The goal is just to achieve and keep the control.

Everyday control (once you dig into it, you’ll realize how amazing and exciting healthy food can be, making your choices quite easy) gives you the freedom to enjoy comfort food from time to time.

It’s all about quantity again, right? Famous 80/20, for example.

If you’re giving your best to eat healthy 80% of the time, that 20% of indulging, pure enjoyment and almost naughty pleasure is completely fine.


Interesting fact thou: as I’m writing this and simultaneously evaluating my own eating habits, I realized – my ratio is more 90/10 because now I carefully choose my treats.

For an example, if I feel like breaking bad, I won’t eat a whole package of some mid-quality cookies, no.

I’d rather have a foodgasm eating a delicious, first-class chocolate cake.

Remember, at the beginning of this post, we discovered:
when we adopt healthy eating habits, the entire perception of desire, yearning, wish and pleasure changes as well.

Now I respect my desire more. I feel excellent and I want to enjoy excellence. It won’t cost me more because remember, I only do it 10% of the time. 😉

Food for thought, indeed.

A gift that will help you organize your eating habits


I’m making an online course and now you will peek into one of its treasures.

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P.S. Hydration is a crucial part of your everyday nourishment. Is the water in your home safe, healthy, clean enough? Find out everything about tap water HERE.


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