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If your hormones are a mess, listen:

  • periods shouldn’t be difficult,
  • it’s NOT NORMAL to suffer before, during or sometimes after menstruation,
  • there are ways to make periods easy – NATURAL ways to do help yourself! When your period is tough, it’s a signal that something is not working right. But, YOU CAN do something about it!



About the program:


The goal of our program is to reach hormonal balance, which results in pain-free, light periods. Consequently, when  our hormones are in order, overall health drasticaly improves (immune system, weight management, skin&hair quality…).

What makes hormones so important? They “are like traffic signals, telling our body what to do and when so it can run smoothly and efficiently.”

Stage 1: Mindset


We live in the world where words “period”, “cycle”, “menstruation” are associated with words “pain”, “fatigue”, “food cravings” (ain’t those nice and lovely, almost magical words)… When was the last time you’ve heard something positive or at least neutral about this monthly phenomena?

Periods are as natural as life itself, but we act like they are some kind of uninvited, unwanted intruders in our lives. Do you want to follow that trend blindly or change something?

My own transformation taught me how liberating it is:

  • to embrace your period as a part of a natural wonder of womanhood,
  • to completely accept your feminine body and learn how to fully nourish it.



“Una’s passion, determination, and persistence turn a wish into an action!
She will guide you all the way through the change from “I wish” to “I became” (or “I do/did”).
With her help, every next step will look like the baby one – chock-full of thrills, chills, and excitement –
and in the end, you are going to be proud of yourself. I know I am.”

Tamara Banjac, co-founder of CEIR (Center for Education, Innovation, and Research)


Interested in becoming the master of your hormones?
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Our training can be done through PERSONAL STEP-BY-STEP GUIDANCE.

Program’s general structure:


  • minimum 8 weeks (Introduction, 20 E-mail Lessons, Final Overview)
  • 3 levels of change – Mindset, Nutrition, and Movement
  • step-by-step guidance: 80% practical, 20% theory, molded by your own story, challenges, and goals
  • addition materials: weekly one and half hour Skype sessions, nutrition calendar, video lessons
  • in preparation: expert interviews, cheat sheets, webinars


“With her super-enthusiastic approach, Una showed me how to experience my inner strengths and focus them on achieving goals.
She powerfully transformed my bad eating habits and kicked my self-esteem and self-love on a higher lever. Her wisdom is experience-based, intuitive and infinite.”

Tijana Krstec, humanitarian organization “Knitting with heart


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