How to write new year’s resolutions (10 strategies for healthy, abundant 2017!)


When an old year approaches its end and the new one blushingly peeks through, some kind of euphoria appears, feeling of transition, stepping into new waters.

Do you feel this too?

I must admit that it has its power.

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve realized its full potential: it creates a perfect foundation for any change.

But, I’ve always struggled with how to write new year’s resolutions. Few times, I tried to and, thinking that I got it right, tried to stick to them afterward.

And failed. Glamorously. Every single year.

Except the last one – 2016.


One thing that changed everything

My health transformation was finally completed in 2016, thanks to the skill of goal-writing, which I’m going to share with you today.

That journey from chaos to balance, taught me this (beyond many other things):

how to set my goals in a smart way, not merely I wish that or It would be great if, but with a clear finish line, along with some tricks to prevent procrastination/quitting.


Ready for the challenge?

Luckily, you don’t have to go through the trial-n-error process, because I’m about to give you the exact 10 strategies that helped me.

If you use every single of them and follow what you’ve set, there’s no doubt that you’ll achieve whatever you set your mind to in 2017.

Nobody likes empty promises and I guess you’re tired of all that hyper-positive motivation, so let’s make an experiment –

1. use these guidelines

2. set your goal

3. dive into action

4. then come back here and write – what happened?


Set your reminder on 1st of February, then 1st of March, to come back here and write a comment below this post, sharing your progress with this small, but powerful piece of the world.

This time, we’ll achieve anything we set our minds too, deal?


Where to begin?

Whatever may be on your wish list for 2017, these simple guidelines will help you achieve it.

Because, by learning how to write new year’s resolutions, you really learn how to set goals in any area of your life.

You’re free to set any goal, but my recommendation is to start with your health because it is a foundation of a happy, abundant life (that I wish for you).

Being healthy doesn’t only mean to be sickness-free:
it means to be strong enough, energized enough to tackle any challenge future brings.

Do you agree with this thought?

The most important thing you can do for yourself in upcoming 2017 is to be(come) healthy.


Time to get rollin’!

Enjoy these guidelines (change doesn’t have to be an awful experience, it can be enjoyable). And don’t forget to come back to this post with your brand new achievements.

Can’t wait to read all about them! ->


How to write new year’s resolutions

10 strategies for healthier, happier, abundant 2017


1. Divide one big goal into few smaller, easy achievable ones

Your big goal should sound crazy, almost impossible, but small steps you take towards it should be realistic.

This improves your chances of really getting to the finish line and it prevents overwhelm.

2. Fall in love with your goal!

Focus on the positive income(s), not the problem you want to solve.

Repeat those benefits you’ll get, improvements and rewards that your goal will bring, repeat them every day, to keep yourself motivated.

3. Write, write, write it out

Everything becomes so clear when we write it down, right? Seeing your thoughts on the paper or screen brings them into life.

Not to mention how clear and organized your journey becomes when it’s written down.

Write everything out, your hopes, fears, dreams, challenges, let it all out and you’ll feel relief. Light and ready for anything!

4. Take action every day, especially during January

This one is really powerful. Those first few weeks of a fresh new year are particularly slippery, it is so easy to come back to old habits during this period.

Fail-proof yourself this time and take consistent actions every single day, towards the goal you picked.

5. Don’t keep your goals to yourself

Share your goals, determinations and challenges to get support and feedback. It makes it all so much easier!

Even better, get a challenge buddy – someone who also wants to change or maybe just remind you of your goals, to cheer you up or help you out.

6. Keep track of your inner transformation

When the month begins, write a letter to yourself and date to the end of that month – yes, send out a letter to the future!

Sounds a bit s/f, but it is an amazing way to create personal deadlines and later on, reflect on your progress in a deeply realistic way.

Use to send this kind of extraordinary diary.

7. Celebrate!

My personal favorite 🙂

Celebrate your small and big wins (note: there is no such thing as a small win, every step, even the smallest one, towards what you want counts).

Too often, we tend to be so hard on ourselves.

Give yourself a treat, a tap on the shoulder, acknowledge that you’re doing an amazing job. It will help you reach your goals easier, trust me.

8. Set reminders on your goal

Those reminders can be different – try calendar notes or write small reminders all around you or use again to remind yourself through emails, place them in your phone…

Whatever you pick, it’s important not to lose your plans from sight.

9. Don’t be afraid to modify your steps

Big vision ahead and moving forward, that’s what matters!

Let’s say that you’ve planned all necessary steps. They seem fine at first, but something changes along the way.

Feel free to change those small steps towards your big goal! They are just a way to get you to the finish line, that finish line is crucial.

Throw that perfectionism away and keep your eyes on the prize. 🙂

10. Learn to relax

Progress never goes as planned and you need a safety mat, to keep you relaxed and focused all the way through.

Pick an activity that suits you the most – yoga, meditation, massage, spa, walking, swimming, running… anything that will keep you relaxed.

Your own stress safety mat.

Remember, small steps create great changes. And great changes inspire us for making new tiny steps to even greater changes!

Ultimately, this all leads to a new life: different, fresh kind of existence.

What are your resolutions for this year?
Is there something that you wish to change?
Are you sick of old ways, are there any fresh habits you want to adopt?

This year, do things differently!

Follow these smart guidelines to finally fulfill all your resolutions in 2017:

1. Divide your big goal into few smaller, easy achievable ones.

2. Fall in love with your goals, focus on the positive income(s).

3. Write, write, write it out!

4. Take action every day, especially during the first 15 days.

5. Share your goals – get a challenge buddy.

6. Write a letter to yourself, into the future!

7. Celebrate both your small and big wins.

8. Set reminders of your goals (hint: the more the merrier).

9. Don’t be afraid to modify your steps!

10. Create a powerful relaxing system.

Good luck, be well and keep on evolving!


P.S. Don’t forget to come back here when February begins and write about your achievements!
How these guidelines helped you and why?
Can’t wait to read your inspiring story!


how to write new year's resolutions
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