Foods that help hydration, balance hormones and refresh you from inside out


This post teaches you:

1. What are the foods that help hydration

2. Is it true that you should drink 8 glasses of water a day?

3. A simple way to find out are you hydrated enough

4. How water intake helps with hormonal imbalance

5. Is there such a thing as overhydration (aka too much water).


That’s a lot, but I believe in you. You’re not an ordinary reader, right? You read and afterward, you apply what you have learned! That’s why I’ll give my best here.

Alright, ready? Let’s make an h20 pro out of you!


I owe so much to Wonderful Miss Water.
Drinking more water and eating more foods that help hydration made me healthier, more energized, vital.

It helped me in so many ways, just to name the few:


  • my skin cleared up (no more acne, those little bastards tortured me enough!)
  • a digestive system finally became pleasant (instead of being a pain in the __, literally)
  • once bloated all the time, now only after holiday feasts (I’m a human too, you know?)
  • hair regained her old shine and volume (proudly waving in slow motion – shampoo commercial style)
  • sugar levels and hormones became balanced (bye-bye period pain and misery!)

I wish the same for you. To enjoy all this yourself!

So, we’ll be talking about water often. A lot. Almost all the time. Sorry, I just LOVE water. It’s amazing.

Ever heard about “8 glasses a day” story?


Recommended water intake, as we all know it, is 8 glasses (2dl glass) of water per day. …Honestly, no matter how hard I try, I can’t drink so much water every single day! (Am I the only one?)

Sometimes it’s 6 glasses, sometimes 4, but 8?! That’s just too much for me. I’m a small woman after all.

And I’m not a huge fan of “you should take exactly this amount of that” guidelines. Please don’t listen to those blindly. Listen to your body.

We are all different! And we live in different places, climate-vise. And you know and I know it, we are not all equally active.

Someone who lives in a tropical climate should surely drink more water than an average Scandinavian. An athlete should drink more water than a professional gamer (no offense, just referring to a sedentary lifestyle).


But one thing is certain: hydration is important. Life-savingly important.

Water is keeping you alive and healthy, literally.

All your cells, organs, tissues, all your bodily functions rely on water. All – of – them.


Now you fully understand water is so amazing obsession of mine, right? Welcome to the club, here’s your glass of tasteless, colorless heaven.

Are you taking enough water – how will you know?


So, a recommended 8-glasses intake can be great for someone or unnecessary for someone else, but how can YOU know whether you’re well hydrated or not?

Simply – your body SHOWS it to you. And it can get really dramatic about it.

Literally, just observe:

  • is your skin too dry?
  • do you often have muscle cramps?
  • are you under the attack of food cravings all the time?
  • is the color of your urine too dark?
  • do you have dry mouth and/or bad breath?
  • what about dry eyes?
  • experiencing fatigue, out-of-the-blue anger too often?

These are some of the signs that your body needs more water. And a detox of some kind as well.

Good news: water’s role is also to clear the body from toxins and waste.

Told you, it’s amazing. *takes a sip*


Hormones and water intake – what’s that all about?


At first, I didn’t believe it – that water can help balance hormones.

The link between food and hormones seemed logical to me (and oh yes, it’s solid), but what does water has to do with hormones? I asked about two years ago and did my in-depth research.

Answer – it has everything to do with hormones.


The simplest and shortest explanation:

Hormones are the messengers of your body. Remember, all your bodily functions rely on water. So, if you’re are not providing enough of it, those little messengers get thirsty too and can’t do their job right, and what do we get? Chaos, my friend.

Low-energy, pain-friendly chaos!

Straight to the point:

Enough water – happy hormones – healthy body.


Did I ever mention that water is a great thing? No?

Do you know what’s also amazing, besides drinking water itself?

You’re right, water-rich foods!

When you’re not in a mood for mere drinking or just wish to improve your complete health and make your cells jump from joy – include more of these lovelies into your everyday menu.


Foods that help hydration


Yes, they are all rich in h20 and that’s what you want, but also, your body will be thankful for all the vitamins and minerals in there!

Just to name the few (a little bit of nerdy talk can’t hurt):

sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and almost an entire alphabet of vitamins…

Here they are, in all their glory!


1. Celery: 96% water

2. Watermelon: 95%

3. Bell Peppers: 92%

4. Cucumbers: 95%

5. Strawberries: 92%

6. Cantaloupe: 90%

7. Grapefruit: 92%

8. Zucchini: 96% (may I say – wow!)

9. Radish: 95%

10. Tomato: 94%

11. Cabbage: 95%

12. Cauliflower: 92%

13. Eggplant: 92%

14. Spinach: 92%

15. Broccoli: 92%

16. Oranges: 93%

17. Pineapple: 87%

(generally, fruit has less water than vegetables, but hey, more than 80% – that’s still a lot!)


An interesting infographic, featuring some of our food heroes listed above:

(This picture is borrowed from – we say “thanks”, because it’s highly informative!)


Too much water – is there such a thing?


In this blog, you’ll encounter this sentence so often (besides that water is super-super one): Too much of anything is not good.

What goes for food, activity, etc., same goes for water. The same you CAN be dehydrated, you can be overhydrated!

Luckily, it takes a looooot, really a lot of water to get there.

If you’re not drinking more than 2l per day (plus the water-rich food we’ll reveal soon) and your kidneys/liver are working well, so your body doesn’t retain to much water, no worries.

Just in case, these are some signs of overhydration:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • headache
  • confusion or disorientation

(Here’s more about overhydration if you’re interested: Overhydration)




Water is amazing. Foods that help hydration are also amazing. And you are amazing for wanting to improve your health!


Drink and eat your water well, but before you go:

What are your thoughts on this topic?

Do you think you’re well hydrated?

What is that ONE ingredient you’ll pick from our list today, to boost your water intake?

Looking forward to your answers!



Is the water you’re drinking safe for your health? READ: 5 things your mother never told you about tap water




P.S. I’m really bad with numbers, they stubbornly refuse to stay in my head for longer than a minute. The %’s you saw in our food list are from various sites:,,,, just to name a few.


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