Creative approach to hormones: Menstruation cycle of the imaginative woman


Poor little hormones… We are casting blame and accusations in their direction whenever we feel lousy. It’s all because of those hormones… we grumble reluctantly. This trend of convicting hormones for almost everything has spread, have you noticed?

Yet, those diligent miniature soldiers are working hard 24/7, regulating almost every process in the body, including the complex menstruation cycle of the girl, woman, and transgender man as well.

Yes, most of our problems are connected to them, but it’s not their fault. Should I say it? It’s ours. Allow me to explain:

Are we treating our hormones the right way?

  1. Are we feeding them properly?

  2. Are we moving enough, making their regulation possible?

  3. Are we giving our best to manage stress, so they can work in peace?

And, this one might seem weird at first but,

     4. Are we working on our relationship with them?

Your eyesight is fine and that’s not a typo:

we are developing relationships with other people and with ourselves (through self-improvement, personal development, any kind of spiritual work…), right?

So, is it possible to use the power of imagination and association to stop all that hormone-convicting and sync in with the body even more?

Of course, it’s essential to eat wisely, stay active and manage stress, but this could be a new level, a powerful upgrade.

You can use it if you’re a creative, imaginative, sensitive person. Those qualities can really give wings to your health improvement strategy.

How can this improve periods?

Today we will explore how a menstruation cycle of the highly creative, imaginative woman could become easier with a little help of imagination and association. The idea relies on perceptionour relationship with our own hormones:

Instead of constant blame and complaining influenced by the society and culture, let’s create a new, fresh and more positive approach!

But, HOW is it going to help with menstruating?

Balancing your hormones can lift off a great burden. When our hormones are working as a nature intended, there is no pain, no fatigue, no swings…

You can read more about natural hormone balancing and how it can be done here.

Is it true that we are creating our own reality?

The idea to boost my health even more with the use of imagination and association came to me spontaneously, but I’m using and improving it ever since. Some theories (including the ancient philosophies) inspired me to go deeper into this and explore: if I can really create my own reality, can I (re)create my health too?

Sure, there are some things that are beyond our reach and comprehension. We can’t change them, those external circumstances and events, but we can MAKE CHOICES, CHANGE OUR APPROACH and PERSPECTIVE.

I used these gifts to create certain tricks and shortcuts in my health transformation (fixing hormonal imbalance). My joy is to share them all with you now.

Creative approach to hormones


When you search Google for photos of hormones, this is what you see. How would you describe this picture?


First of all, it looks very active to me!

I can almost see the motion of those orange messengers, I can almost hear them flowing, connecting, sending out information.

That’s what hormones do, they are the messengers of our body.

Next, what does it remind you of?

For me, it looks like traffic, some kinds of tunnels, roads, and stations. Again, movement, movement, movement.

What do we need in order to keep the traffic safe and efficient? We need fuel and we need a goal, where are we going…

Bit by bit, we covered everything – fuel: nutrition, movement: everyday activity, goal: a more positive, lighter existence.

Next, I used some of my senses to remind myself why I need to take care about hormones, associating all kinds of things with that venture.

For an example:

SMELL and TASTE – fruit played an important role in my journey to hormonal balance because I replaced sweets with it. Refined, white sugar is harmful and unneeded, as we all know. But, I loooooved sweets so much!

In order to make that sugar -> fruit switch easier, I connected the smell and taste of fruit to the idea of happy hormones.

Every time I’m eating fruit, I would imagine my hormones smiling. Can’t explain how exactly, but it’s a vivid image in my mind. Having a sweet tooth? Try this out!

HEARING – I associated certain songs and sounds with hormone balancing and overall health improvement. They are usually happy songs, the ones I would listen in a car while traveling to the seaside.

Sounds were, for an example, the sound of my workout mat hitting the floor, reminding me how my hormones love to be active, I would imagine them moving around in my body and this sound motivated me to exercise and more.

Easier, more pleasant menstrual cycles

Feel free to use these tricks or you could create new, original ways to build a better relationship with your hormones.

Menstruation cycle of the imaginative, sensitive woman can be much lighter and more pleasant, we are blessed with creativity and now we can use it to become healthier. How great is that?

Share your feelings and exchange insights in the comment box below:
Do you feel connected with your body?

Read more about power of positive mindset, focus, and peacefulness during health improvement:



    Great idea, Una!I am looking forward for more creative tips.😊

    Tinka | 12 months ago Reply

      Glad that you liked it, Tinka! Please share a little more with us, did you try this out? How did it feel like?

      Una | 12 months ago Reply

    My imagination is also vivid and colorful, so when I have some health issue I use visualisation technique according to colors of chakras. For example, when I have sore throat I imagine clear light blue color around my neck which I inhale imagining it sooths and relaxes my painful throat and with exhale the pain is releasing through red color. Also, according to studies of Masaru Emoto on effect of human consciousness on the molecular structures of water, in the morning I drink water with lemon with feelings of gratitude. :)

    Tinka | 11 months ago Reply

      Amazing way to reconnect with yourself and to help your body heal faster! Thank you for sharing this. I believe that every each and one of us has some bits of wisdom to share, and I'm happy that this website is the place where we can all learn from each other. Haven't heard about mr Emoto, is he the same guy who experimented with the effect of sound on water? Played different genres and observed how water molecules respond to them? I just realized, and you're totally right, I had a bit hectic mornings these days and didn't really feel calm/relaxed, now today I changed that - moved away from my mobile phone, e-mails etc., devoted an hour to just relax, stretch, invite gratitude back into my life... And now I feel so much better, ready for anything! Continue your great practices, they are surely important and good. See you around :)

      Una | 11 months ago Reply

    ...and I feel much better when I start the day in that mode of gratitude and loving thoughts. :)

    Tinka | 11 months ago Reply

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