Challenge accepted and achieved! Reached the maximum repetitions of Five Tibetan Rites :)


Have you ever made new year resolutions?

I tried to both make and realize those in the past, but honestly, with none results what so ever.

It’s not that I don’t love challenges, I really do: almost daily you could hear me shouting CHALLENGE ACCEPTED and if I manage to stay focused, I achieve it all… but these new year goals somehow always seem to fade fast and eventually, fail.

New year’s anxiety. It’s real.


It all begins with this quiet thought: this year has almost ended. Brrr.

Despite the fact that it’s just a matter of perspective, it whispers dark words in my ear like you weren’t as productive as you should have been, Una or you wasted so much time in 2016, Una.

So, this year, I wanted to avoid these feelings and decided to create a new chain of events.

Instead of just making new year resolutions , I decided to make the pre-new year resolutions, for the first time in my life!

Pre-year means something to be done before that famous countdown that’s sneaking upon us.

Hopefully, these pre-new year resolutions will help me plan and finally achieve great 2017 goals (stay tuned).

If I can fulfill my pre-new year resolutions, that means I can win those big, serious new year resolutions too, right?

Pre-new year resolutions


The first thing to which I said challenge accepted and did my best to accomplish it is: get from 3 to 21 repetitions of Five Tibetan Rites in 6 months – from the beginning of July to 31st of December.

(Don’t know about Tibetan Rites? That’s a shame, please take 2 minutes and take a look at this, scroll down to no. 2 as it gives you a fast and informative overview of Rites and how to get the most of them.)

Getting from 3 to (the recommended maximum) 21 repetitions. Why was this so challenging, so hard that often I wished to quit and just give up?

Because in March 2016 I had a knee injury, that kept me in bed for more than a month.

When I finally got out of bed, my leg was weak as a spaghetti and stiff as a rock, I couldn’t bend it at all. It took me almost a month to start walking normally again.

I missed working out, to feel connected to my body, being active and focused, that relaxed, happy feeling afterward… Before the injury, I gradually got to 11 repetitions of Rites, but after that painful experience, I had to go all way back to just 3.

Want different results? Do thing differently


Before, I used to listen to tips from other people to increase repetitions of Rites by 2 every week. If you ever tried it, then you know – that’s far from easy. And it’s not really pleasant.

The body needs time to adapt, strengthen and many people just give up when they reach 7, 9 repetitions because they feel dizzy or weak or even in pain.

Increasing repetitions weekly is just too fast unless you’re already in amazing shape.

That’s why this time, I took it slow. I listened to my body. Increased repetitions only when I felt comfortable with the number I reached – didn’t pass to 11 until I felt that doing 9 is easy for me.

Now, I didn’t look at the calendar, just had that goal of maximum advised number, 21 and tried to stay focused and not to miss a day.

Focus, focus, focus.

challenge accepted and



Power of persistence and perseverance


When you plan to stay focused on anything for full 6 months, to make small steps towards that goal every single day, the best way to manage this kind of journey is to:

  • set a clear goal (as simple as possible, right to the point, almost tangible),
  • determine all the benefits it carries (why do you want to achieve this, how will it change your life for better) and
  • make small reminders (either in words or situations or pictures, however you like).

My goal was clear, simple, it can fit in one sentence and it was hard but realistic (another aspect to focus on, is this what I want realistic).

Reaching the max number of repetitions meant a few things for me:

  1. I am capable of doing something that seemed impossible just a while ago
  2. If I can exercise every day (Tibetans last for ~15 min., that is great news), that means I can focus every single day on other challenges as well…
  3. … if I stay focused on my challenges every single day, there’s a chance for me to become as successful as I wish
  4. I can overcome the blockades of my injury, start from scratch again and win the game
  5. By mastering myself, I can be a good example and inspire others to do the same.

Enjoying the results


It’s 30th of November and I reached my pre-new year goal, one whole month earlier than expected.

Besides the overwhelming happiness (I actually cried the tears of joy while still lying on my exercise mat, I confess), pride and fresh motivation, there are more, physical benefits as well: I feel, see and realize that my body is stronger, more relaxed and a bit more flexible than before.

There’s no more back and neck pain, although I spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer (like now).

That once injured leg is also stronger now, almost as strong as a healthier one.

I feel light, overall cozy inside my own body.

It’s your turn now, why not?


I hope that my story of setting pre-new year resolution to avoid all that the end of year is near, aaaahh anxiety inspired you to do the same!

Don’t wait for that new cycle, create your own cycles, become the master of your time.

Set your goals and stay determined until the very end, believe me, it’s worth it in so many ways.

This is a great moment to set a pre-new year goal, it can be the smallest thing. You’ll feel empowered, proud when you enter that 2017., knowing that everything you set your mind to – is possible.

I can guarantee that you’ll feel empowered, proud when you enter that 2017., knowing that everything you set your mind to – is possible.

So, what is the one challenge you’ll like to seal this 2016 with?


That’s why I shared my story of success with you now. To motivate you and inspire you.

See what is that little rock in your shoe, something that has been waiting for an entire year or even longer to be achieved.

Perceive that challenge and set the goal. Yell from the top of your lungs: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED and begin the new 2017 with a new energy, new strength, and new mood!

Go ahead and do this now, why waiting?

P.S. Stay tuned, as we’ll cover in our next post how to write powerful new year resolutions that almost fulfill themselves.

P.P.S. As promised, here it is: how to write powerful new year resolutions post. 🙂

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