5 things your mother never told you about tap water (Bonus: the best whole house water filtration system)


Health is made of wise choices. And hydration.

Kidding, it’s not that simple, but luckily for us busy bees, it’s not much complicated either. ūüôā


In the shortest version ever, healthy living is made of:

  • eating clean (whole, real, natural food)
  • moving a lot (walking, running, exercising)
  • keeping stress under control and of course
  • staying hydrated all the time.


the best whole house water filtration systemThere’s no doubt, hydration is the foundation of one’s well-being.

You’re all set if you drink enough water in small sips throughout the day, along with some vitamin-loaded¬†water-rich foods.


Speaking of hydration… Yesterday morning, while I was having my delicious honey-water, the question hit me:


How clean the water in our homes really is? 
Because even if you’re not drinking tap water, you still cook with it, shower with it, right? Is that safe? Healthy?


Think about it:
you can throw those good habits straight into the garbage if your body is being filled with harmful chemicals through every single sip or drop of tap water.

[Insert a dramatic, bit spooky movie soundtrack here.]


Clean does (not) equals safe


It’s interesting that the term “clean water” doesn’t necessarily mean “safe, healthy, drinkable water”.


Because chemically altered water aka tap water might contain lead (yes, you read that right, lead), arsenic, barium, among many other toxic chemicals.

Don’t worry, I don’t want this post to turn into a chemical report either, so let’s leave it there – tap water can be full of toxins.¬Ļ¬†Luckily, gone are the days of ignorance, as we have an ocean of information just a click away, to help us make wise choices.

I did the research and now we’ll take a short dip into those waters of knowledge.

[Insert a sound of bubbles here.]


5 things you should know about tap water (and its effects)


Let’s say that you’re either buying drinking water (like I do, tap water here tastes like mud).

Bottled water option works fine to a certain extent, but now we’ll illuminate some effects of tap water that aren’t being discussed very often (and they certainly should be discussed):


  1. You can also inhale chemicals from tap water¬†… when you shower, part of the water evaporates and yes, that air also contains harmful chemicals. (Not a cheerful image, I know, but it’s worth knowing);
  2. When you cook with it¬†… high temperature can surely make tap water a bit safer, but some nasty little bastards are resistant to it;
  3. If you’re growing food and spices¬†… watering them with tap water might not be a good idea. Can you guess why? Yup, it’s because of those filthy ch_m_ _a_s again;
  4. Washing clothes¬†… nobody wants their clothes to last shorter than they should or to expose their skin to lead, arsenic & co. (don’t know about you, but I don’t like even the possibility of it);
  5. House pipes¬†get damaged¬†… besides the¬†toxins (I promise to stop talking about them soon and show a solution!), tap water is also known as “hard water” – too high in minerals like¬†calcium and magnesium.
    Rest assured that it won’t be gentle to pipes in your home.


You see, buying bottled water for drinking solves just a part of the issue. It does ensure that you’re not directly taking in damageable micro intruders, that’s true and that’s great.

But what can you do to make the water in your entire home… equally safe for your and your family’s health?


There’s something you can do…


I’m always for an initially higher investment that brings a long-term, complete solution (whole house water filter), rather than thousands of small investments (bottled water) that doesn’t even fix the entire problem.

Am I right or am I right to the bone?

Remember those 5 points about tap water: you’re exposed to harmful chemicals during showers, through your meals, clothes, while house pipes are suffering in silence…?

It can all be fixed with a whole house filtration system.

Exactly, a system that purifies the water in your entire house. For years to come, without even using your electricity.


[ Insert a glorious sound of fanfares here (you hoped I forgot about imaginary sound effects, ha! Never. Neverrrrr.) ]


And the best whole house water filtration system iiiiiissss…


Among all whole house water filtration systems, after comparing reviews, price-quality ratio, performance… I definitely like this one the most:

Aquasana’s¬†Rhino Whole House Water Filter + Salt-Free Softener (click on the photo for details)¬†

Why this one?

  • 10-year guaranty
  • Made to filter 1.000.000 gallons of water
  • No water wasting – ALL water gets filtered
  • Its replaceable filters are cheap
  • It clears so many common contaminants, including mercury, lead, bacteria, germs, even viruses
  • The taste of water is not flat, but rather delicious (according to many positive reviews)
  • Your house pipes are safe and sound (honestly, if you buy it with a¬†Salt-Free Water Softener)
  • No electricity requered
  • Complex filtration process – 4 stages of purification


Sure, there are some downsides too, as it goes for any product, but they seem almost ridiculous when compared with its great features:

  • Requires a professional plumber to install it the first time (later on, it’s easy to use it/replace filters)
  • High upfront investment


You can take a look at complete product features here:
1,000,000 gallon Premium Rhino Whole House Water Filter

To summarize, yes, it is an initially higher investment, true, but remember that this system provides a long-term, high-quality, complete solution for clean, safe water in your entire home.

Frankly, I must admit [with a tiny blush] that the whole one-decade guaranty played an important role when I was picking up the best whole house water filtration system to recommend. One does not encounter a solid promise like that one every day.

You can combine the features you need and see the final price of Rhino system (click on the photo below):

Browse through other products as well, if this one doesn’t fit your needs, maybe there’s something else you’ll like/need more:

Aquasana Live Healthy

Hope that this post helped you and that you’ll enjoy that fresh, healthy and delicious water in your entire home!

( Shh, just between the two of us, as a ‘thank you’ for reading this post to the very end, you can grab this time-sensitive offer: Affiliate Exclusive! Save 50% off Select Drinking Water Filter Systems at Aquasana! Use Code: AFFDW50, Valid 12/15/16 through 1/31/17. Shop Now! )

Let’s end with this: our (grand)parents drank tap water, right?


I remember¬†while growing up in Belgrade, the¬†capital city of Serbia (about 20 years ago, this lady won’t reveal the numbers), drinking tap water tasted nice, refreshing.

As time passed, it began to taste differently. Some kind of muddy taste appeared. That was the reason why I didn’t drink enough water during puberty, which resulted in the¬†hormonal imbalance and other health issues I had to resolve later on.

During my studies, I felt dirty right after exiting the shower (and I don’t mean in a good, naughty way. More like coming out of a chemic swamp).

One could really taste and feel how more and more chemicals were added into our water system. Have you experienced this too?

I wonder… Do you drink tap water? If not, why not?

Have you used water filters? What is your experience with them?
If you’ve found some other way to purify water, shower us with your experience now.

Share your impressions, recommendations in a comment box below ->


¬Ļ More about harmful chemicals that can be found in tap water:¬†The Hidden Dangers of Drinking Water


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