Benefits of walking for 30 minutes a day (Walk your PMS away)


Fast walking is one of the safest, most pleasant cardio activities there is. There are numerous benefits of walking for 30 minutes a day, just that much (and most of us can find that half an hour, no matter how busy our schedules might be).

Whenever you can – walk.

After an entire day sitting in front of the computer – walk.

If there are no frogs, hammers or meteors falling from the sky – by all means, walk.

And why I am being so irritatingly persistent about walking right now?


Benefits of walking for 30 minutes a day


This is just a fraction of all the reasons why you should take at least 30 minutes every day to stretch those sedentary-stiff legs:

1. Walking is a powerful stress relief
[I’ve heard someone calling it “a meditation on the move”, ain’t that nice?
Bonus: PMS relief – it can significantly reduce common struggles you might have right before Aunt Flow comes to town: irritability, mood swings, fatigue… You’ll feel more relaxed, refreshed and restored. Ain’t that the exact opposite of PMS or is it?]
2. It improves circulation in the entire body
3. Boosts your immune system
4. Helps with weight loss
[Yes, you can drop a dress size with walking and maybe even two sizes with fast (brisk) walking!]
5. Tones your muscles
6. Improves the flexibility of joints
7. Regulates blood pressure
8. Strengthens your memory
9. Wakes up your creativity
[Shh, a small secret: I had some of my best ideas during my daily fast walks, including this guide!]
10. Helps hormone regulation
Walking in nature … provides a restorative yet invigorating exercise ideal for balancing hormones.
As a matter of fact, walking in nature has been shown to reduce cortisol levels (a stress hormone) and boost the immune system.
[Multiple benefits: hormone balancing + immune system boost.]
11. Regular walking reduces the risk of a heart attack
And most importantly: your heart, if it could, would shout “Thank you, thank you for doing this!”

Now, let’s bring your walking experience to a brand new level


I’ve made a sweet little guide for you. It shows you how to create a more pleasant, but also more efficient workout out of your ordinary walk, so you could grab the very best from all those lovely benefits.
Also, these simple guidelines will help you prevent possible injuries or unpleasant sensations.
Use it and enjoy (transcript below):
fast walking


Your guide to a perfect fast walk


Preparation phase:

1. Plan your route: minimum stops, with little or no semaphores

2. Prepare your body: stretch and a short warm-up

3. Eat a bite or two, nothing heavy

4. Bring at least 0.5l of still water (avoid the flavored ones, they’re full of unneeded sugar)

5. Pick light shoes/sneakers (to avoid extra weight for your joints)

6. Dress in layers

The walk itself:

1. Take sips of water during the entire walk

2. Begin the walk slowly, until you’re acclimatized

3. After a while, speed up (desired speed: you are sweating, heart beats faster)

4. Keep changing the speed every 5-10 minutes

5. Keep your back straight, shoulders relaxed

6. Control your breathing (steady, deep breaths)

7. Near the end of your walk, speed up the most (like on the edge of running)

After your walk:

1. Do another round of gentle stretches

2. Relax, relax, relax (well deserved!)

3. Continue drinking water in small sips

4. Take a shower (~15 min. after those stretches)

5. Eat some protein rich food (suggestion: a handful of nuts)

6. Relax a bit more, you walking professional, you!

Found these useful – listed benefits of walking for 30 minutes a day and that simple, yet useful guide?

Don’t forget to leave a comment and share your impressions! Can’t wait to hear how your new, upgraded walk felt like. 🙂


P.S.  If you wish to share this sweet cheat sheet with someone, do so, but please do not modify it. A lot of time, knowledge and energy was invested in it and it’s my way of saying- Thank you for trusting me. I trust you too, that you will not edit anything, just share it as it is. Thank you again.


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