About Me


Hi, Una is my name and I’m the founder of HerHappyHormones.com and Painless Period training program!

I enjoy yoga, walking, healthy habits that make my hormones happy and my body fit and energized… But honestly, I wasn’t always like this.

I used to sabotage myself with unhealthy food, lack of hydration and an inactive lifestyle. My periods were horrible. For more than 15 years I’ve struggled with hormonal imbalance and extremely weak immune system…

A few years ago, I had enough! That’s when I’ve made a decision: I want to feel good all month long. 

So… I researched like crazy! After reading hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of articles and reaching out to health experts for guidance, I began a complete lifestyle change; tried various approaches, some didn’t work, some I’ve invented along the way, but I didn’t give up, until… my periods became light, pain-free, completely unnoticeable!

Now, I want to help you do the same.
I’m here to share all shortcuts and tricks I’ve learned through this experience.

I’m doing this because I want other girls and women to love and celebrate their femininity.
To transform themselves into balanced, healthy female beings.
To get rid of period pain and misery.

Complete health transformation I successfully executed, rounded off with additional education, made me competent to teaching others:

  • Nutrition played a crucial role in my lifestyle change and I’ve dedicated to it with special attention. Last year, I’ve perfected that knowledge with a cooking training and practice (TUV Nord Certificate, ISO 9001).
  • Exercise – I am practicing, researching and loving yoga since early childhood.
    Yoga is the foundation of my exercise plan for easier periods – it is focused on pain relief, particularly in the abdominal and low-back region, circulation, hormone regulation, etc.
    Some positions are slightly modified for utmost pleasing effect on the menstruating body.
  • I have a 5-year-long experience in educationThrough various individual and group programs, I’ve worked on my communication skills, while improving the art of planning and mapping, smooth and effective transfer of knowledge, and my favorite part – providing constant motivation and inspiration to my students.
  • Last but not least:
    in order to be sure that the tips I’m sharing are correct, useful and beneficial to my students, I seek advice from professionals on daily basis – gynecologists, yoga instructors, nutritionists…

Testimonies of my clients and collaborators:


“With her super-enthusiastic approach, Una showed me how to experience my inner strengths and focus them on achieving goals.
She powerfully transformed my bad eating habits and kicked my self-esteem and self-love on a higher lever. Her wisdom is experience-based, intuitive and infinite.”

Tijana Krstec, humanitarian organization “Knitting with heart

“Consulting with Una gives a feeling of security and warmness.

Her painful experience made her a passionate explorer for the better life of all women who have similar problems. She doesn’t t generalize issues but gives specific suggestions to each woman personally.
Una is so dedicated that after your first session with her, you will have an impression that she is a very close person to you.
Years of experience and dedicated work for that very intimate issue made her so accurate and confident that women feel safe in her guidance.”

Vera Nikolic, certified yoga instructor, Yoga Studio

“Una’s passion, determination, and persistence turn a wish into an action!
She will guide you all the way through the change from “I wish” to “I became” (or “I do/did”).
With her help, every next step will look like the baby one – chock-full of thrills, chills, and excitement –
and in the end, you are going to be proud of yourself. I know I am.”

Tamara Banjac, co-founder of CEIR (Center for Education, Innovation, and Research)

FEEL FREE to ask me anything: una@painlessperiod.net, I’m here to help as much as I can!

The training created out of my own successful journey has a clear route and strategy, but I respect your uniqueness: it can be molded according to YOUR OWN needs and circumstances.

You can begin your own journey with a simple email to una@painlessperiod.net (time-sensitive offer).

And don’t worry, I’m not only ‘health, health, health’, I also adore music, food, writing, cats and traveling. 🙂

See you soon!